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An active travel company based in Argentina, specializing in tailored active trips in the Andes Mountains in South America. Sophisticated adventures where active meets comfort, wine & food and local culture. Renowned or remote destinations, soft or intense activities.

Adventure Travel

is our choice because we believe in the inherent value of exploring nature and remote locations with the purpose of discovering through active physical involvement. This style of travel brings forth new sensory experiences through actively participating and getting into landscapes.

Responsible Travel

as a means to provide opportunities and good working conditions for people who live in the Andes. We are local, we go local, we choose local suppliers and comply with the Principles of Fair Trade ©. Travelling with A&L the traveller can be assured that he is benefiting the local industry.

Heritage and traditions

make us who we are, hence respect for all aspects of historical, traditional and cultural expressions are the core of our guiding philosophy. Local living history is a part of every trip, incorporated when apt. We believe travel should maintain archaeological and historical sites.


of the natural environment during all stages of planning and operation, guided by the Leave No Trace Seven Principles ©. We understand travel as a tool for conservation and protection of biological diversity as well as promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

Who we are

We are experts who have savoured the experiences we recommend. We know the ins and outs of our destinations, being able to share insight and a level of service that few in the region can match. It is all about connecting people and places through learning and sharing.

THE A&L TEAM is 100% local. We plan trips and guide in the region we live offering travellers first had authentic experiences. We know all the sought-after locations as well as the hidden corners.
A&L was founded by Ana Ines Figueroa Alexander to operate responsible trips that respect the environment and generate work opportunities for local communities and sustainable projects.
Her entrepreneurial spirit, combined a passion for trip planning, guiding, fitness, conservation and communities is united with a desire to share South America’s landscapes, history and traditions with travellers who enjoy active trips that also have context and meaning.

THE GUIDING TEAM has explored the region on foot, bike, horse and 4×4 and are keen to share their knowledge of this land.  You will travel with your expert adventure guide and will also learn from photographers, writers, winemakers, sommelier, cooks, biologists, mountaineers, geologists or anthropologists who provide insight into a unique region in the Andes.

THE A&L OFFICE is located in NW Argentina, so during trip planning you are taking directly with the team who will meet the travellers at the destination.



Knowledge and flexibility defines us!

Each trip is carefully designed in a way that ...

Each trip is carefully designed in a way that landscapes, discovery, people, fun and adventure are a part of every itinerary; balance is the key word when planning. You can have an expert guide throughout the whole trip, during a part of it, or self-drive with all details taken care of by A&L. Your trip can focus bikes, wine & food, history, hikes, Argentine estancias, trekking, photography or 4×4 over landing. Select one or blend lodging styles and activities. We care about details. While some tours are like fast food – you cannot change the menu – A&L’s trips are like having your own personal cook that caters to your particular needs and desires. Meticulous craftsmanship and a one-on-one personal service add value to your travel experience when booking with A&L. You choose. We provide quality service. Focus on your next extraordinary vacation in the South American Andes.


You choose. We provide quality service. Focus on your next extraordinary vacation in the South American Andes.


The second biggest country in South America, it stretches from Patagonia to the Altiplano or Puna, and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Andes Mountain Range.  Altitude wines paired with beef from the Pampas, prepared by the gauchos in the magnificent colonial estancias. The bodegas of Mendoza and Cafayate. Buenos Aires, the European city with a Latin flair expressed in tango, art, music and bohemian cafes. The Iguassu Falls, Perito Moreno glacier and El Calafate, Quebrada de Humahuaca, the Calchaqui Valleys, the Salt Flats in the Puna and coloured mountains in the Andes.

A landlocked jewel with a strong indigenous culture. The high capital of La Paz , head of the Altiplano with Sucre and historical Potosi. And infinite Uyuni the biggest Salt flat in the world. Laguna Verde, Laguna Blanca and lake Titicaca.

The longest and thinnest country with the driest desert, Atacama, a name that combines salt flats, flamingos, Puritama and Tatio. Santiago a city with skyscrapers framed by the Andes, Purto Montt, and Puerto Varas. The wine regions Colchagua, San Antonio and Casablanca. And of course Torres del Paine with icecaps and blue lakes, and mysterious Easter Island or Rapa Nui.

The land of the most advanced pre-Hispanic cultures and Inca architecture. Cusco the capital of the Inca empire, Lima a city of cultural and architectural contrast, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu the jewel at the end of the Inca Trail. From ice capped mountains at National Park Huascaran, to the dry desert and the Nazca lines, Arequipa and the Colca canyon. Ceviche and pisco-sours combined with the biodiversity of the Amazon jungle. Peru has everything.

City of Salta, Argentina.

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